BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer


Whenever you know that you are about to attend a social gathering that will have plenty of drinking and booze, you might want to take special note beforehand to appoint a designated driver. Yes sir, after all, everyone of us have a friend who does not drink, and yet need to ride on your coattails to join the swankiest parties in town. In the event where you do not have a designated driver, you might want to check out the $149.99 BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer which has been deemed to be one of the nerdiest breathalyzer ever made to date.

The BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer would let you geek out even when you are being over-friendly with the bottles of your favorite poison, where all you need to do is blow into it, and results from BAC will be transmitted to your iPhone or iPad. This allows you to track your BAC over time, where the app will be able to estimate just when you would end up sober enough to communicate with other folks. Not only that, the free app that comes along with it would allow you to take down notes and snap photos of your beverages in your personal drink diary, where you can then share them with your social networks. Just make sure your boss does not check out your Facebook profile…

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