Gold Karat Authenticator


Gold prices have certainly taken a tumble in recent times, which is normally a traditional safe haven for investors to flee to when the rest of the money market is in a mess. Well, I guess life is always a cycle of ups and downs, and the same goes with gold prices, stock value, the works. If you are one who have decided to throw your lot behind gold, you might be interested to pick up the $499.95 Gold Karat Authenticator.

As its name suggests, the Gold Karat Authenticator is a device that is capable of authenticating karat grades of gold. It does so without the need for messy gels, staining chemicals, or dangerous acids that are often employed by other authentication techniques, as the authenticator’s pure gold-tipped electrode is capable of measuring the electromagnetic frequency produced by a tested object using a safe saline solution which in turn functions as an electrolyte. Pure gold will naturally result in zero volts; and its tested karats are indicated immediately by a panel of LEDs, where it displays a range from six to 24 karats. Non-gold, gold plate, or gold-filled objects will be referred to as “NA”.

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