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There is a new smartphone in town, and although this particular model that is known as the HTC First is not a flagship device, it still managed to capture the attention of the whole world, at least for a few minutes, where it was announced to be the inaugural handset to come with Facebook Home, a new way of using the social network app on your Android-powered smartphone that intends to keep you connected in an even friendlier manner than ever before. The HTC First will be made available as an AT&T exclusive, where and is currently the only smartphone that was designed around Facebook Home, instead of it being the other way around as with most smartphones these days.

First of all, just what is Facebook Home? Well, Facebook Home has touted to be the first mobile experience in the industry which was designed to give you your friends’ latest updates right there and then on your home screen, in addition to checking out messages that will bug you to attend to them regardless of what you are doing at that moment. I guess you can say that this is the ultimate Facebook device, if you cannot get enough of the social network regardless of where you are.

The HTC First can be yours as long as you place a pre-order today for $99.99 a pop, where that will include a two-year commitment, and it will arrive in AT&T stores as well as made online from April 12th onwards. Wait a minute here, what else do we know about the hardware concerning the HTC First? Since it runs on AT&T 4G LTE, you can be assured that LTE connectivity has been thrown into the mix, and there is a quartet of colors to choose from, namely black, white, red and pale blue. The HTC First will come in a thin form factor, looks modern and seamless with soft edges that help draw your attention to the updates from friends and family. In front lies a 4.3-inch glass display, with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as the operating system of choice. There is a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor to keep things chugging along, too.

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