Hotelier’s Rechargeable Sweeper


Is it me, or is today cleaning up time? That is, after all, the impression that I had after covering the Leaf Genie, and here we are with the $129.95 Hotelier’s Rechargeable Sweeper. This cordless sweeper is trusted by restaurants as well as hotel chains, hence its unique name, where it is capable of delivering unobtrusive cleaning power without being overly complex to operate. Sporting a rechargeable battery-driven agitator brush as well as geared belt drive that will work equally well on carpet or hard surface floors, it will get to work quickly without any fuss, sweeping debris into the large 17-oz. removable dustbin.

The Hotelier’s Rechargeable Sweeper boasts of an extremely lightweight construction, while carrying the detail of one-handed operation. You will not wake up the dead either if the cleaning bug happens to bite you halfway through the night, as it sports a nearly inaudible 12-volt motor. Thanks to its telescoping handle that can adjust from 40″ to 50″ in length, it is capable of accommodating users of different sizes. Even better yet is the convenience of recharging it, as the battery can be removed for recharging, where you get 90 minutes of operation on a 10-hour charge.

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