Touring Quadracycle


They say that two’s company, three’s a crowd. What happens when there are four people around? Well, perhaps there might be a new saying years from now, especially when you take the $5,000 Touring Quadracycle into consideration, where four’s family. After all, no one likes to be left behind, especially if you are the little one in the family. Why not let mom and dad bring you along, too? The Touring Quadracycle is different from the other quad bikes that are in the market, as this touring pedal-cycle will enable adults seated in the rear to steer, and it holds up to four riders.

Made in the Netherlands, the quadracycle will feature twin rear seats that also feature pedals that are able to power its rear drive train forward and backward. Capable of hitting a maximum speed of 10mph, as long as the total body weight of the folks sitting in it do not exceed the 550 lb. mark, the Touring Quadracycle will rolls around in style on a quartet of 17″ aluminum wheels that boast of treaded, pneumatic rubber tires, making it more than ideal for pavement, sidewalks, or smooth ground. It has a low center of gravity to deliver reliable and consistent stability through turns, where the left pedaler will be able to control the cycle’s rack-and-pinion steering using the wheel, while bringing it to a complete halt can be done with the handbrake.

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