3D Play-Doh Printer – Modeling Magic?


We all remember Play-Doh, and the nifty little plastic Play-Doh fun factories that let you extrude spaghetti-like worms or star shaped snakes. I could sit for hours and play, reveling in the smell, the texture. My mom never allowed me to mix the colors though, (because I would ruin the dough) somehow this seriously stifled my creativity well into in adulthood, but thats another story, probably better told in another venue.

However, our friends over at ThinkGeek are stepping up the old fun factory experience and bringing us the 3D Play-Doh printer, forget about manually squeezing out a fake ice cream cone, you and your tablet or Smartphone can now dream up just about anything, and have it appear in full color (sorry mom) right before your eyes. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

To use the Play-Doh 3D Printer you need only to insert three cans of your favorite color, load up the free app on your tablet of choice, and get your creative juices flowing. Once you are able to make the 3D model within the application, it seems pretty simple to create the solid 3D piece! Some may say a device like this would also stifle creativity, I say get your CAD skills in order and have at it!

Sure the printer is a toy, and your creations wont be nearly as sturdy as the stuff you make on a 3D printer that works with plastics, but hey… doesn’t this sound like a great idea? It really does, doesn’t it? Check out more info on the ThinkGeek website and tell me that you wouldn’t want one. Someday my friends…. someday.

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