Sonic-connect 2 helps your messages get organized


We live in an extremely busy world these days, where our attention tend to be pulled in different directions, and the kind of mobile devices that we own allow us to be in constant communication with other folks round the clock, so much so that sometimes, we tend to experience a condition that I would say amounts to information overload. Emails, Facebook messages, text messages, tweets, Instagram photos, there are just too many avenues available to get swamped with information, so what are some of the tools available to help those of us who are swimming in messages and communication loops? Sonic Alert’s Sonic-connect 2 might just do the trick, with this being a portable USB device that is said to alert you to the most important incoming messages which arrive on your computer.

How does it achieve this? Is it done through some sort of sorcery, or just clever engineering? The Sonic-connect 2 will basically be able to rank contacts according to your preference, so that you are able to be alerted to all new messages, or only to receive messages from select VIPs. With the Sonic-connect 2, you now have the power in your hands to prioritize your responses, while providing you with the relevant freedom to step away from your computer without having to miss out on important communication. Of course, I would say that the biggest weakness in this device is the fact that it places total responsibility on the human to get its parameters right.

You will find that the Sonic-connect 2 will feature a range of customizable alert options, where among them include extra-bright white LED lights, loud ringer and vibration to alert you to incoming news from Skype, IM and Microsoft Outlook. Using it is a snap, all you need to do is hook up the device to your desktop or laptop USB port, and in just minutes, you are able to receive message alerts via flash, vibration or beeping.

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