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Now you see it, now you don’t! This is what the $199.95 Invisible Speaker is all about. Basically, the Invisible Speaker lives up to its name, where this wireless speaker will remain hidden within a lampshade, and it is capable of streaming music from just about any audio source, doing away with the need to hardwire speakers around your home. Setting up the speaker is a snap, as all you need to do is simply screw it into a lamp socket, and audio from a smartphone, a TV, or even a computer can be transmitted to the speaker within a 200 feet radius thanks to the included 2.4GHz base station which is plugged into the above mentioned devices via the included component and 3.5mm cables.

The Invisible Speaker will feature a 25-watt amplifier and 3″ driver that delivers clear, rich sound, and fret not about carrying an additional power plug around the home, as the speaker will be powered by the lamp so that you reduce the amount of wires and clutter in your home. The Invisible Speaker will be accompanied by a harp that accommodates any lampshade, and a bulb up to 75-watts is screwed into the top of the speaker so that the lamp’s full lighting capabilities is maintained. Each purchase will also feature a remote control that enables you to adjust the volume according to your preference, in addition to turning the light bulb on and off.

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Twarx Says: March 21, 2013 at 6:41 pm

IMO “invisible speakers” do not belong under coolest gadgets – coolest gadgets have a level of awesomeness about them, which these certainly do not (I mean ‘my lamp makes background noise’!? – ok, whatever…) If you want to know what awesomeness is then take a look at something like the Moos Mini Aero – hard-core engineering that screams awesomeness. Now THAT is what coolest gadgets are all about!!!

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