Paintball takes on a new form factor with the Airow Gun


Let us have a show of hands here – how many of you out there love a game of paintball? You know, hiding around the corner, hoping to get that vital shot in so that the rest of your mates will be able to take over the strategic point. Well, I am quite sure that paintball enthusiasts are more than familiar with regular paintball equipment, but since you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd always, here is the Airow Gun paintball attachment that will definitely add color (in more ways than one) to any paintball course.

Basically, the Airow Gun paintball attachment is a unique and innovative evolution in the paintball industry, where you should be able to increase your paintball gun accuracy with every release of the string. I am not quite sure whether this would be tantamount to cheating or not in anybody’s books, but better equipment has always been the quest of the pure sportsperson who wants to break limits, eventually merging man and machine as one.

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