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Personal thermometers rock. If you visit my parent’s house my dad will happily tell you from the device on his table that the temperature outside is 44.2 degrees. Much more accurate than ‘low 40s’ that the TV people say. I am sure most of us consult our weather app on our phone regularly. And I am fairly sure that many of those times the temperature is not accurate. Phone makers certainly are not going back to the drawing board to add built-in temperature gauges, adding more bulk and cost to add a feature that frankly is not real techie. Yet plenty of occasions – and fanatical people – exist where accurate temperatures are a must.

Robocat, a Danish software studio, previously did a successful ‘outside temperature” app called Thermo. Based on a negative reviewer’s frustration of not being able to get the temp where they were in their house they came up with an idea for Thermodo. This little device easily plugs in to an iOS or Android device and the built in electronic thermometer measures the temperature on the spot. Using Thermo or the upcoming, specially designed Thermodo app your phone will quickly display the temp. When not in use, house the little Thermodo sensor in a secure yet small case which comes on a key ring so you won’t misplace it. Maybe those smartphone makers should reconsider their phone features as interest is high in this device. They quickly vaulted past their fundraising goal on Kickstarter with over 3 weeks to go. You can still get in on an early shipment of Thermodo for just $25 with higher priced options (and more goodies) available too. Why depend on the weather service, which is miles away, to know the temp? Let Thermodo be your guide.

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