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We all live in a wireless society these days, there is no escaping it. Hop onto any form of public transport, and chances are you will find the younger generation indulging in their respective mobile devices, noses buried into touchscreen displays (where have all the books gone?), while their fingers scroll and select an option from time to time. Most folks would also look out for a Wi-Fi hotspot most of the time when they head out, instead of relying on their mobile data plans. There is no escaping the wireless revolution for sure, and bēm wireless intends to add more flavor, although their latest offering, the bēm wireless boom box is not one that thrives on a Wi-Fi connection, but rather, would prefer to ensure that folks around you will be able to listen to your favorite musical tracks without being bogged down by the issue of a power cord.

The boom box by bēm wireless has started to ship worldwide over the weekend already, where it is a portable audio solution that is said to breathe new life, good music, and plenty of excitement regardless of where you are, making it the ideal companion to the next party that you are attending, assuming you do not already have a date. Heck, even if you do, the boom box would make for the ideal companion in a menage a trois.

The boom box will play nice with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including the iPhone, iPad and majority of Android-powered smartphones, where it will deliver deliver 2.1 stereo sound as well as clear audio regardless of the volume level that you set it to. Connectivity options include an Aux In and Aux Out port, while you will find power level, charging and Bluetooth indicators on the top of the unit for easy access. The boom box can be yours for $249.99 a pop in either black or white shades.

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