100 Greatest Classics Audio Book


What do you think of today’s children – do you think that they tend to read a whole lot less, simply because of technology that has dulled one’s senses to the wonders and joys of reading, not to mention the “I want it now!” generation simply do not have the patience of sitting through an entire book, especially when there is a movie adaptation that can be downloaded on demand. Heck, you might as well let the CGI artists do the imagination on your kids’ behalf while they’re at it, too, which is what is happening.

Well, make sure the art of reading has a chance for the next generation with the $99.95 100 Greatest Classics Audio Book. Granted, it is not exactly encouraging the little ones to read, but at least it reads out aloud, causing the hearer’s brain to work overtime and imagine the scenes, sights and sounds described, instead of having everything dumped in front of you in the way that a movie does. This 100 Greatest Classics Audio Book is a lightweight player that comes pre-loaded with unabridged texts by authors such as Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and Jane Austen. Some of the classic novels would include Moby-Dick and Treasure Island, in addition to short stories by O. Henry and Kipling, plays by Ibsen and Shakespeare, and philosophical treatises by Nietzsche and Aristotle.

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