A Calculator to Highlight Creativity


Every kid procrastinates when the command “finish your homework” comes down from a parent. They sit at their desk or table and try to focus on their work. But their mind seems to remind them of the fun they miss elsewhere while toiling in homework-land. Funny. Sometimes that same procrastination creeps into our adult worlds too. If you are one whose thoughts tend to wander away, you need this office gadget.

Get yourself (or your young homework do-er) a DIY Calculator for just $12.99 at Perpetual Kid. You start with a blank slate. I recommend at least putting indications on as to where you find the buttons so you can do your calculations. But beyond that get creative! Show off your personality. Maybe you have a troop of aliens watching your every result. Maybe 9 and X are in a conversation. Who knows. It is up to you. One thing is for sure. No one will lay claim to your work of art. And if the little ones decide to do their own maybe it will keep them smiling long enough to sit down and finish their homework.

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