A Case for a World Traveler


Ever notice that SIM cards keep getting smaller and smaller? You know that they will eventually end up about the size of a pinhead or something ridiculous. The small SIM card does not prove a problem for most of us since it pretty much just lives in the phone. But there are a batch of international travelers out there who do see their card on a regular basis. Whether going from the US to Uzbekistan, Malaysia to Malta, Australia to Argentina or anything in between those of you that travel know the importance of 1) getting a SIM where you are going and 2) keeping track of your SIMs.

Currently receiving backing on Kickstarter is a perfect solution for the iPhone 5-owning world traveler to conquer the SIM card challenge. SIMPLcase™ provides a sleek, protective case with SIM card storage and more. Made of an engineering grade polymer, the case provides low profile but durable protection. When you take off the case however, you notice storage for 3 SIM cards and a SIM card eject tool. How logical is that? No more need to use a paperclip, earing, staple or other random objects to eject the SIM. Now when you travel from India to Italy your SIM awaits in your case. And one other great feature of the SIMPlcase? Get your wallet out when you need to Skype or want to watch a movie. The back contains a credit card sized slot so you use your card to prop up your iPhone. Get in on their Kickstarter campaign now for as little as $12, which will get you a case (estimated in June). And with 23 days to go and over 50% funding it appears that is a reality. Holding on to your iPhone 4/4S? Visit their website to put in a request for one of those cases. And never let yourself get caught off guard when traveling abroad.

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