iSolar Backup Battery Charger


When you think of the Man of Steel, what comes into your mind? I am not referring to you wearing your spandex underwear on the outside to work, but rather, his more, er, super qualities. We do know that his major weakness is kryptonite,and he also recharges himself with solar energy. Well, your smartphone, too, never need be at the mercy of a drained battery ever again with some help from our solar system’s star, the sun. The iSolar Backup Battery Charger comes in handy, arriving in the form of a sun-powered bamboo battery which will be able to bring new life to your dead device’s power stores, delivering additional hours of use.

It is said that a simple 3-hour charge will be able to bring up a depleted device to 40% of its power, now how about that? Each purchase will also be able to be charged via the included USB adapter, letting you power it up if the sun decides to hide behind rain clouds and thunderstorms. Definitely one of the cooler gadgets to own, don’t you think so? It also adds some green street cred to your resume.

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