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Gamers, especially those hardcore ones, do take their gaming sessions seriously, and winning or losing is sometimes equated to a matter of life or death. Of course, the normal, Temple Run-playing world would not think that way, but if you have spoken to professional gamers or those who aspire to be one and are proud to be associated with a gaming “clan”, then you can see where their passion lie when you start to talk about the kind of hardware used, in addition to the best peripherals that suit their gaming style. When it comes to gaming mice, those are dime a dozen, but a mousing surface? That is a little bit trickier, and if you are curious to give a less established name a go, then the CM Storm RX gaming surfaces from Cooler Master would definitely be worth checking out.

First of all, there is the Control-RX that was specially designed for low DPI gamers, sporting a smooth Lycra surface as well as effortless glide touch to deliver maximum area for precise movement, not to mention the most accurate sensor readings so that you will be able to avoid certain issues such as in-game jittering. There is an anti-slip polyurethane base to ensure that the pad remains in place during intense firefights, while an extra thick, water resistant design helps make longer gaming sessions a whole lot more comfortable.

As for the Power-RX, this particular gaming surface relies on Cooler Master’s very own Surgical Strike Surface construction, which is a finely textured area that will enable one to execute precise and intricate movements without missing a beat. You should be able to call upon your reserves of strength as you persevere through each battle thanks to this specifically formulated material which also doubles up as a water resistant guard against splashes, spills, and sweat.

Of course, there is also the Speed-RX fo you to consider, where it was specially designed for high-grade optical gaming sensors, although those who use laser sensors will not feel out of place as well. Equipped with a microscopic synthetic mesh for optimum precision and reduced drag, there is an accompanying aggressive non-slip rubber base, coupled with a 5mm thick cushion. Thanks to a triple layer heat bonding process, you end up with a durable gaming pad that delivers when it matters the most. The Control-RX and Power-RX will retail for $34.99, while the Speed-RX is going for a more affordable $24.99.

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