LED Crystal Earrings


So you think that you have run out of fashion accessories at this point in time to match the rest of your wardrobe, or figured out that it would be great to have something far different from what your mates have, then the $26.99 LED Crystal Earrings would definitely come in handy. From the name itself, you can more or less say that you’ve got a winner on your hands, or rather, should we say “ears”?

The LED Crystal Earrings will come in red, white, or blue, and whenever you do not want to be the star of the party with your blinged out earrings, then you can always make use of the rubber backs, where it will instantly turn you incognito in a particular crowd. Each purchase will be accompanied by two pairs of batteries for light. Talk about being the one that truly stands out from the rest of the crowd when you have these on! Surely attending rave parties will attract the relevant attention from the guys, as they home in on this chic chick with great taste in accessorizing. Each pair of the LED Crystal Earrings come with plastic backs so that they will not cause the batteries to touch your skin.

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