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Yesterday (February 5, 2013) Amazon announced a new loyalty program launching in May. Amazon Coins will enable app purchases with credits/points/’coins’. Makes sense. Afterall, most of us are sucked into some points program – be it credit card miles, grocery store points or what not. But take a look at more of the details of Amazon Coins and see if you think it will be enough to gain loyalty of buyers and programmers.

Amazon Coins will reward millions of coins (what appear to be about $.01 each) to Kindle Fire users. Why Kindle Fire? To promote development and purchases of appstore apps. Amazon made no announcement as to how the “tens of millions of coins” will be rewarded. At a minimum it appears they will be available for straight purchase. But I can’t help but think that Amazon will give some away to help promote interest in apps. Perhaps with digital content purchases? Anyway, Coins will serve as a virtual currency to purchase apps. The objective appears to get app developers focused on adding Fire-compatible content to the app store and pushing them to promote their own apps. Theoretically, if a user has coins stored up they would be more willing to try out something new – giving programmers their incentive. To be eligible, an app must be on their store by April 25. The developer’s announcement details more of the what/who/how from their end. As an avid Amazon customer and Kindle Fire owner I can attest that Fire apps lag far behind their Android brethren  So perhaps this may prompt more interest from the dev community. And as a Fire owner I appreciate the possibility of some free credits coming my way for sticking with their tablet in a world of more advanced units. Only time will tell. So stay tuned to hear how Amazon Coins pans out.


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