Feel that Touch Screen Keyboard!


Raise your hand if you went from Blackberry to iPhone or Android devices. The only regret I found after the switch was the lack of tactile keys on the keyboard. You probably knew – or were – a finger keyboarder that could put full keyboarders to shame. Ever see someone type while looking up. Yep. RIM really taught us all the art of tactile mini-keyboard typing. By now typing on the screen we tend to lose that speed. I’m guessing that spell check is the smartphone manufacturer’s way to combat the lack of tactility.

What would it take to make our Galaxys, iPhones, Kindles and the like have this one missing feature? A smart company called Tactus Technology, that’s what. Tactus invented a technology that will take the place of a manufacturers top display layer, things we commonly call the lens/window/cover glass. When the device calls for a keyboard the Tactus Tactile Layer™ Technology injects a proprietary fluid into said top layer enabling raised surfaces to appear over the keys on the display. Using this technology will not interfere with other touch functions on the screen and uses minimal power. Buttons do have some resistance – just enough to prevent the accidental touch from typing a character. Tactus is creating the technology for a variety of screen sizes and types. So expect to see it in phones, tablets and phablets. At this time, OEM is their strategy, rather than producing consumer overlays. No plans have been announced on where you may see Tactus Tactile Layer Technology in a device. But it seems imminent.


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