Griffin Technology goes green with Papernomad


Everyone wants to go green these days, it is the “in thing”, and you will definitely score brownie points with just about everyone, especially among those Greenpeace activists. Well, here we are with Griffin Technology and one of their latest coups, which would be snagging the exclusive distribution rights of Papernomad products across North America. Based in Austria, Papernomad is a company that develops organic, customizable, tear- and water-resistant sleeves for a range of popular devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, MacBook and Samsung Galaxy S3. As they are made of a specially-engineered paper material, they deliver the perfect canvas for personal expression and creativity.

Keavy Murphree, Product Line Manager at Griffin Technology, said, “We are thrilled to bring Papernomad to North America; their products leave a lasting impression on people’s minds but not on the environment. With Papernomad, we offer users a sustainable way to guard their technology, as well as a canvas that allows individuals to express their imagination.”

Each sleeve from Papernomad is made in Europe, where it will use an advanced patent-pending composite of paper, viscose fiber and biopolymer. The paper that is used is made from sustainably forested trees and FSC Forest Stewardship Council certified. As for the other materials in action, those are compostable and organic, including the cotton stitching, hemp pull strap, and signature wool lining that are provided by happy sheep from New Zealand.

What makes the Papernomad product different from the rest? It offers an outlet for creative expression, as the sleeve itself can be marked with pencils, pens, and crayons, something which your kids would definitely fall in love with.

The Papernomad sleeves will be made available for the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4 & 5, MacBook Air (11″ & 13″), MacBook Pro (13″ and 15″) and Samsung Galaxy S3 soon, and of course, depending on the size of your choice, it will retail anywhere from $39.99 and goes all the way to $69.99.

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Fredericci Fabuloso Says: January 27, 2013 at 7:37 pm

A little piece of paper and a scrap of fabric for SIXTY BUCKS?!?

Let us know when you come to your senses and start selling them for $8.95.

Or less.

THEN it might be worth buying.

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