Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad announced


Just what is your primary computing device of choice? Is it an Ultrabook, a regular sized notebook, or a tablet? I suppose that Apple really made the most out of the tablet revolution, ushering it even, and setting standards for the rest of the industry to follow at the beginning on how a tablet is done right. Well, if the iPad has ended up as your primary means of working whenever you are away from your desk at home or at the office, I am quite sure that you are a deft touch typist on the virtual keyboard by now. However, just in case you have yet to get the hang of a virtual keyboard and type far slower on it compared to a regular keyboard, it is high time you considered a physical keyboard peripheral to go along with your iPad, and this is where the Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard comes in handy.

The Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard has been described to be a magnetic Bluetooth full QWERTY keyboard that is compatible with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations of the iPad. Created by a newly minted division in Archos, it is said to boast a similar look and feel to the Archos Gen10 XS coverboard, where the Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad remains extremely thin at a mere 5 mm (0.2’’), where it will also boast of an adjustable kickstand alongside an aluminum back casing.

The Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard will feature an adjustable kickstand, offers magnetic bonding to the iPad, an automatic screen switch on/off function, and a battery life that is said to last for months on end even with regular use. The Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard cannot be purchased now however if you are hoping to surprise your beau with it this coming Valentine’s Day, as iPad owners can only pick it up from March onwards at $79 a pop.

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