Pluck that Yolk


As I have stated before on CG I am a kitchen gadget freak! Look in my kitchen and you will find 4 cheese graters (each suited for different cheeses), 20+ cooking knives (each for different uses), plastic containers in a variety of sized (never know what you have to hold!), half dozen frying pans. You get the point. No, there is not a need for all of it. But it sure is fun! Whenever I see a new device I jump on it. And this is no exception.

Available on ThinkGeek is Pluck the $13.99 egg yolk separator. Simply crack your egg into a container and hold Pluck above the yolk. By squeezing the chamber you create suction to pull the yolk right out. Then squeeze to release the trapped yolk wherever you choose. Yolks are the main source of bad cholesterol in the egg, so Pluck helps you keep the bad stuff out and the good stuff (protein) in.  I know, you can easily crack the egg and do the ‘back and forth from half shell to half shell’ technique. But I end up with shell in my egg 99% of the time. Some of you may not eat eggs frequently enough for Pluck to make a difference. But for those that love cooking or baking with egg whites this device seems a perfect solution. Pluck separates into two pieces and is totally dishwasher proof. You have to love a low maintenance cooking tool. Check out Pluck for the kitchen gadget fan in your life and keep the sunny side out…so to speak.

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