The Complete Scale And Foot Inflammation Monitor


All right, we have seen our fair share of scales over here at Coolest Gadgets in the past, but how many of them are capable of dishing out more information other than that of your weight, and perhaps some of the more complex ones can tell just how much water your body retains? Well, with the $129.95 Complete Scale And Foot Inflammation Monitor, you know that your bathroom will never be the same again. Not only will you know just how many pounds you have put on over the course of the holiday season when you threw caution to the wind where your diet is concerned, the Complete Scale And Foot Inflammation Monitor is a digital scale which can also measure your body mass index while going the extra mile by detecting foot inflammation, which is an indication of diabetic neuropathy.

This is made possible thanks to the implementation of patented temperature sensors that are located on the surface of the scale which will measure the temperature variation between the feet, helping one monitor foot inflammation. A trio of quarter-sized buttons on the surface of the scale will let users input their age, sex, and height through the simple pressing of the buttons with one’s toes, meaning one no longer needs to bend over uncomfortably and stress your back. The scale will show off readings for weight, BMI, and foot temperature variance in seconds on the easy-to-read 4″ LCD display, while it stores up to 14 readings for four different people. As long as you do not weigh more than 450lbs, the Complete Scale And Foot Inflammation Monitor is more than happy to serve you.

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