X-Wing Coffee Table


Is this the ultimate nerd coffee table or what? Barry Shields has spent a good chunk of his time to get fanboys of Star Wars, especially of the X-Wing starfighter, to construct a coffee table that is functional, timeless and beautiful. Taking nearly half a year to carve it out from scratch to its finish, you can be sure that this is one sturdy coffee table, but we warned – the glass can break, as the deflector shields on this thing does not seem to be operational.

According to Barry, both the top and bottom halves which sandwich the glass have been bolted together, so should you bump into it by accident while walking by, it will still remain intact. The front itself comes with 3 points of support contact with the glass, so that whenever the glass moves from bumping and the front landing gear moves, the support arms will still remain intact with the glass. Careful attention is paid to the X-Wing, as the bottom of of the ship is just as detailed as the top. A combination of poplar, pine and black walnut wood is used to ensure that the final product is easy on the eyes, but not too popular with the wallet with its $5,500 price point. Ah well, at least you know this is custom made and one of a kind.

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