Desktop Jellyfish Tank


Thinkgeek might be a wee bit late to the game as the $381.99 Desktop Jellyfish Tank actually picked up the gong for being the “2011 Best Product” at Global Pet Expo a couple of years back, but as momma used to say, “better late than never”, right? Well, the Desktop Jellyfish Tank does as it says – it gives you the opportunity to own a very unique desktop pet that will remain silent and quiet, but is deadly to the touch. At least to us humans, although “Nemo” as depicted in the image above does seem to exhibit a very nonchalant attitude.

The Desktop Jellyfish Tank will arrive with every single thing you need to get started on a jellyfish family, right out of the box so that you lack nothing. It includes the tank (obviously), an air pump and valves, a hydrometer, some substrate, a feeding pipette, and heck, why not jazz things up by a spot with a color-changing LED complete with a remote control so that your pet jellyfish will look cooler than it actually is. You would need to provide your own jellyfish though, and while this 6-gallon tank has been optimized to hold jellyfish, it will still be able to house other kinds of fish and invertebrates.

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