A Lens for 2-D or 3-D


The world of 3-D continues to grow. More 3-D movies come out every week, more 3-D TVs are sold. Whether you enjoy it or not 3-D is selling. Manufacturers are also enabling consumers to capture their own 3-D images too. What is better than remembering your Aunt Bessie at the family reunion than seeing her in 3-D? Ok, maybe seeing kids or pets is more fun. Anyway, the products are being produced.

Samsung previewed a new product at CES last week that should help to simplify the capturing of personal 3-D stills or video. Their first-of-its-kind 45mm 2-D/3-D single lens offers versatility for the latest generation of the popular NX camera system – the NX300. The lens offers the same form factor as a standard lens but offers the ability to capture 3-D video and stills. Simply flip a switch on the lens to get into 3-D mode. The unit manages to capture the image and then flip to the other side to record the subject from a different angle. It is not a zoom lens, so don’t be getting too fancy. The lens goes on sale this spring for $500 with the compatible NX300 camera coming at the same time for $750. What an appropriate way to add another dimension (literally!) to your photos and video.

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