Princip Interactive LED Futuro Cube


Do you love puzzle games? If you have answered in the affirmative and want to keep up with the times, then you might want to gravitate towards the $99.99 Princip Interactive LED Futuro Cube. Sounds and looks as though it is something that hails from Hellraiser, no? Actually, the Princip Interactive LED Futuro Cube is, as its name suggests, a cube-based gaming platform that boggles the mind, or at least it does its best in doing so. We are looking at plenty of tech being packed into a diminutive package, which is no surprise in this day and age. In fact, it is said that all the puzzle games you would want to have are within, and good news for developers – a developer’s kit is arriving early this year.

Just to get a clearer picture on what the Princip Interactive LED Futuro Cube offers, it boasts of a clever combination of multi-axis accelerometers, haptic vibration feedback, wireless connectivity, 4-channel audio and 56 multi-color LEDs, all rolled into a handheld cube so that it will be able to deliver a unique gaming experience that is unlike any other on the market. The Futuro Cube is capable of sensing rotation, where tapping it on any side will provide feedback in the form of vibration, audio playback and the dynamic change of it’s LED colors. Assuming you want more of a challenge, then purchase two of these puppies, and they will interact together. Time to crack your brain for the year ahead, no?

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