Long Reach Lotion Applicator


Every woman needs a best friend – a female best friend, that is. After all, you cannot be guaranteed that you will end up with a partner, would you? What is the whole point of having a bestie other than for the obvious reasons of having a shoulder to cry on, and perhaps to help you clean up and give you a nice back rub after a particularly grueling day at work. Well, if you are all alone and your girlfriend is out of town, don’t fret if you arm is not long enough to help you apply some of that rejuvenating lotion on your back. The $34.95 Long Reach Lotion Applicator would be able to get the job done, and it does not leave its smelly underwear all over the place, either.

The Long Reach Lotion Applicator will be able to store lotion while applying it to hard-to-reach areas, thanks to its 19″-long sturdy ABS handle that is equipped with a removable attachment head which is ideal for applying moisturizers, creams, or tanning lotion to the back without having to bend over or request for assistance. There is a leak-proof reservoir at the head that can store up to five applications of lotion, where it is then massaged into the skin evenly by 17 rolling polypropylene balls which will roll smoothly on the back, calves, or tops of feet. Each purchase comes with a trio of additional attachment heads for that added flexibility.

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