The Voice Clarifying TV Speaker


Don’t you just hate it when TV shows break for commercials, and the volume suddenly increases exponentially? This is something that TV manufacturers have addressed in the past, where select models are able to automatically regulate the volume level so that you don’t jump out from your skin. The thing is, if you do not have such a TV, you are stuck with changing the volume frequently, and sometimes, speech of characters in the TV show do not exactly come with the clearest articulation. I guess this is where the $199.95 Voice Clarifying TV Speaker comes in handy, where this wireless speaker is said to enhance your TV viewing experience as it boosts the sound of dialog.

This is made possible to an advanced microchip within which amplifies human speech frequencies, bringing them above background noise in order to make spoken words clear and audible. It will be different from lesser analog models which merely make all sounds louder, as this superior digital speaker is able to amplify voice pitch above other sounds, making sure that every spoken word remains easier to discern than usual. There is an infrared transmitter that is attached to the TV’s audio ports where it will send its signal to the speaker, that comes with a 360° receiving dome for signal reception regardless of how you position it in the room.

The speaker itself will be accompanied by its own volume control, and there is also a headphone jack just in case you want to get some private listening in thanks to the included earbuds.

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