Keep Those Shoes On and Look Good


Go take a look in your closet. I’ll bet there are a few pairs of lace up shoes that still have the laces tied. When we buy a new pair of sneakers we always have the best intentions of fully untying and re-tying them. But somewhere along the way, usually when rushing around we end up just kicking them off and slipping them back on without tying.

Brookstone wants to help encourage tie-free shoe use with HICKIES elastic lacing system. Opposing eyelets on a shoe are connected with these stretchy devices. Connect as far as you choose, slip your foot in and HICKIES elastic properties allow your foot to comfortably move while the shoe goes with it even during high impact activities. They literally turn any lace up shoe into a slip on. What makes them unique, however, is the array of colors so you can select one that meets your color coordinating needs. Match to your shoes or go crazy and clash. Your choice.  The ‘stretchiness’ also means one size fits all. For $19.99, a pack includes 14 HICKIES in 1 of 16 color combinations plus 2 extra HICKIES in a surprise color – plenty to set up an average pair of shoes. Unsure how it will look? Download their app and snap a photo of a virtual pair on your current shoes or get instruction on how to put them on.  So go ahead and keep the laziness up, but look stylish and keep the feet in the shoes with HICKIES.

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