What Santa Did Not Deliver


Do you ever wonder what the wish lists of the super-rich entail during the holidays? When have bank accounts like Bill Gates or Larry Ellison the world is pretty much yours, I’m sure.  Wired decided to look back on some of the year’s most stupefying products in “Overhyped, Overpriced: 2012′s Insanely Expensive Gear.” I’m guessing these are the things that Bill and Larry probably have on their lists.

The most expensive of the bunch is the $3 billion (yes billion) Rolls Royce 102EX Phantom. This is the electrical version of the Phantom released as a sort of litmus test as to the eco-friendly interests of Rolls aficionados. No, it didn’t cost $3B to buy but to reportedly develop. Then the project was canned.

Other favorites on this Wired list include a $2 million prototype camera lens built for a Sheikh in Quatar and 8 foot tall, $250,000 concert speakers complete with 24 karat gold accents. That lens ought to produce some seriously good pictures. If those are to expensive just stick with the $100,000 two person submarine that allows you to jump and dive like a whale. Check out the other insanely expensive creations and see what things might have made it on the lists of the super wealthy.

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