AQ Audio unleashes AQ SmartSpeaker A2


If you happen to live in the UK, then chances are pretty good that you would have heard of AQ Audio before, being an established UK audio leader, and they have just rolled out the second generation of their popular AirPlay speaker known as the AQ SmartSpeaker A2. Having recently debuted, the AQ SmartSpeaker A2 will continue in the ways of the original SmartSpeaker, although this particular puppy comes with a new range of colors, and of course, a price point that is more affordable than ever before. This pair of highly regarded speakers that is famous for their acoustic clarity and unique left and right channel separation looks set to be a cult favorite, aiming to please just about anyone and everyone.

The AQ Direct mode will be featured this time around as well, where it allows users to break free from the Wi-Fi network and enjoy AirPlay technology regardless of where they are. Although it comes with AirPlay capabilities that was specially built for Apple, it also allows Android and Windows users to take advantage of a special DLNA Certified App that can be downloaded over at the Google Play Store and via Microsoft’s “Play To” feature.

Those who are familiar with the workings of Apple devices will definitely enjoy the AQ SmartSpeakers’ simple and intuitive one-touch Airplay set up. AirPlay enables one to stream one’s iTunes Libraries as well as Internet Radio stations, Spotifiy, audio from films or TV programs and other popular music Apps. Thanks to the aforementioned AQ Direct technology, one is free to groove to their favorite tunes anywhere, where it will hook up seamlessly to your AirPlay network, within a 50 meter radius.

Since it also plays nice with both Android and Windows platforms, the AQ SmartSpeaker A2 looks set to be a universal device, appealing to everyone regardless of their mobile operating system affiliation. This eco-friendly device comes with an auto-shut off feature which will power down the unit after one week of non-use, helping users reduce their electricity costs. You can pick up the AQ Audio SmartSpeaker A2 for $149, while a Twin Pack costs $289 with a Four Pack retailing for $555.

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