Optisort figures out dead batteries, sorts them accordingly


Getting rid of old and exhausted batteries is definitely an issue in the modern world, where more and more folks are able to afford pieces of consumer electronics such as toys and devices that run on, well, batteries. There is a proper way to get rid of old and unwanted batteries, as just simply throwing it into the landfill is not going to bode well for our earth in the long run, considering the kind of toxic material that one would find in the battery itself. Obviously, trying to sort out all of the different types of batteries which arrive at a recycling depot would definitely be an extremely tedious experience. Humans would find it tedious, robots, well, robots don’t have any feelings, and it would just be “another day at work” for them. The Optisort is such a robot, where it is capable of recognizing approximately 2,000 kinds of batteries, and currently sees action in sorting out around 33% of batteries recycled in the UK.

You know how it is – if there is a problem that is in your way, finding a working solution would be best, and the machine proved that saying right after being the brainchild of Claes Strannegård, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher with Sweden’s University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. He was going through his own garbage and must have felt bummed to do all the sorting, where he then contacted Swedish recycling company Renova. With the universities and Renova working together, the Optisort was ‘born’.

Batteries go through the Optisort via a conveyor belt, where each one will be shot by the machine’s camera, compared to an existing database of different batteries until a match is made. Depending on the battery’s chemical content, a jet of compressed air will then come into play, directing the battery into a designated bin. It can process up to ten batteries per second, and as the Optisort’s AI system lets it learn from what it “sees,” it is even capable of recognizing damaged or dirty batteries. Never send a human to do a machine’s job, right?


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