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Plenty of cool looking Bluetooth speakers exist in this day and age. You can get them in shapes of cartoon characters or to fit with your interior or various other iterations. Some are of good enough size to fill a room. Others are meant to use on-the-go. Those of us who have used portable speakers know that the chances of getting quality audio are slim. Often times you pay for the form factor or durability. Why sacrifice though?

Boombotix – makers of the Boombot1 and Boombot2 portable Bluetooth speakers – are back with the Boombot REX. Why REX? After the deep ‘boom’ of T-Rex footsteps. Because that is what you get with two 36mm drivers and a bass woofer. Yes, a portable speaker with true 2.1 sound enabled to reach 90dB (@2ft). A noise canceling microphone and 3 buttons means you can control your calls, music or even talk to Siri. And you can do all of it with your phone or tablet put away. The rugged body, grip-friendly design, water resistance  and built-in clip mean REX goes anywhere. Clip it to your backpack, bike, tent, belt loop, car or wherever you want to hear your tunes or take a call. Recharge REX via USB and get 6 hours of audio too. Reserve a unit on Kickstarter for $70, where they have blown away their goal. Production is slated to begin at the end of this month. If your life involves being on-the-go with access quality audio performance hop on board the Boombot REX train.

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