Pedal-Powered Holiday Decor


We at CG hope you enjoy the festive decorations this holiday season! I am sure that many of you do up your own house – inside or out or both – or maybe you pile the family in the car to drive by the best local houses in your town. Then there are public displays on main streets and of course shopping malls. Taking in some lights and decorations really does help get a person in the spirit.

Southbank Centre, London’s famous arts venue, is one of those great places to take in the decorations. And this year you can help light up the glorious trees on display! Yes, you! Southbank Centre called on Electric Pedals and Vivid Design Works to build two pedal powered Christmas trees. Over 1 kilometer of LED lights are strung among the two 7.5 meter trees which are powered by 10 sets of pedals – 5 surrounding each tree. Passers-by are welcomed to pedal away on the stationary pedals and see the results.  Take your pick of pedals too – with adult style, BMX for kids and even hand powered versions.

How is it going over? On a recent weekend afternoon there was rarely a bike available. The people power over 40 days will save approximately 192kWh in electricity, enough to power 1.5m hours of laptop use. If you are in London from now until January 7th take a trip south of the Thames. The trees are on display just outside the Royal Festival Hall (between the Hungerford and Waterloo Bridges if you are not to familiar with London). Chip in this holiday season to show off the beauty of London Christmas lights. And if not in London check Electric Pedals’ Facebook page for more pictures.

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