Customizable Sounds Sleep Generator


Do you find it rather difficult to fall asleep each night? Assuming you have answered in the affirmative, then I am quite sure that you have tried your fair share of products and remedies – traditional or otherwise, to get some much needed rest before the sun rises for you to meet the next day head on. The thing is, nothing seem to have worked so far, and you are at your wit’s end, not wanting to take the long and slippery slope that snake oil salesmen offer. Well, perhaps there is some hope left (Obi Wan Kenobi), with the $199.95 Customizable Sounds Sleep Generator.

Basically, the Customizable Sounds Sleep Generator is a special device which is capable of generating 145 soothing authentic nature sound combinations in order to help you enter dreamland. There are no chemicals or drugs to make you depend on them, as this is all natural – at least the sounds are. Sporting two dozen primary sounds (such as an ocean surf and spring rain) that have been specially captured in the field, they are able to be combined at the touch of a button, where you can mix it up with other soothing sounds such as bamboo chimes, harbor swell, or a crackling bonfire for a total of 145 combinations.

These sounds can be set to slow down in a gradual manner so that you can be lulled to sleep, and you can have them turned off automatically in 30-, 60-, or 90-minute intervals. A couple of integrated speakers and a subwoofer will deliver clear, full treble and bass, where it is accompanied by a backlit digital clock with an AM/FM stereo with three alarms in tow.

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