Smartphone Controlled Insectoids


They say that “there’s an app for that”, and just to make sure of that, have you ever figured out that your smartphone is capable of controlling tiny robotic toys? Perhaps you have heard of a remote controlled car by a smartphone before, but the $19.99 Smartphone Controlled Insectoids work slightly differently for some creepy crawly fun right there and then. After all, with the slew of small helicopters, cars and robots around, things get boring after a while, so a change in scenery is always more than welcome, and the Smartphone Controlled Insectoids provide just that.

Offering 8 directional controls for realistic scurrying action, the Smartphone Controlled Insectoids will be compatible with iOS as well as Android-powered devices, be they smartphones or tablets, although I would like to believe that a tablet delivers a less comfortable controlling experience due to the size. Still, that is but a small matter of personal preference, let us focus on the Insectoids instead. The Insectoids are infrared bugs that requires you to plug the infrared transmitter into your headphone jack before launching the Insectoid app to begin “playing.” The on-screen joystick is where all the action’s at, while you can also opt to use your phone’s accelerometer or the power of your voice to move your bug, now how about that? A quartet of frequency bands will let you hold Insectoid races with your mates.

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