A Bed Head Savior?


If you don’t have it, someone you know has bed head. Beloved bed head, That condition where after a night of sleep hair looks like something straight out of a modern art museum. No particular direction or purpose. Sort of like some of the Hollywood mop-top/unkempt looks  – Joaquin Phoenix, Kate Bosworth, etc. And trying to brush out bead head proves virtually impossible. Nothing but a full submergence in water seems to work.

In the past we highlighted products from Thanko, the Japanese company who came up with cool – but maybe not necessary – devices like the silent keyboard and USB lunch box. They are back again to help bed head-i-ans of the world. Since water tames bed head, Thanko thought they should put it into a hairbrush. Meet the USB-powered, self-misting hairbrush. Plug into any USB port to charge up the unit. Then fill the 15ml tank with water. Flip the power on and a fine stream of mist comes from the top of the handle. The reservoir will enable about 30 minutes of uninterrupted misting – though you would probably be soaked by then. Recharge after every couple hours of use to keep misting. The device is available via Thanko’s website for about $75 US. Hhhmmm, dampening the brush in the sink is certainly a less expensive alternative. But if you prefer to brush and dampen at the same time, check out this device and defeat bed head with technology.

Thanks: Gizmodo

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