Sardine Can Inspiration


The popularity of lomography continues to grow at a rapid pace. Lomography, both a company and a type of experimental analog photography, evolved out of the revelation of some students in Vienna back in 1990. They were astounded by pictures produced from an old Lomo Kompakt Automat camera they found. The analog process has since experienced a sort of re-birth and now has a healthy following and product lines to meet an artist’s needs.

The La Sardinia line from Lomography is a unique and functional 35mm unit for this experimental process that will also help you express your personality. The inspiration for design is a sardine can, yes a sardine can. But performance will give you what you need. The 22mm focal length means a healthy wide angle lens. Multiple exposure is easy thanks to the rewind dial and MX switch. And the two focus settings make snapping your subject a cinch. The fun part about La Sardinia are the variety of colors and materials. Simple models, like the 8Ball start at £55 while units like the brass coated Czar range up to £149. “Fritz the Blitz” the compatible flash is available a la carte for £55 or as a package deal with a camera. So if lomography trips your trigger definitely check into making a statement with your camera design while also having solid functionality.

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