R/C Micro Copter


Summer might be over, but this is no reason not to indulge in a little bit of remote controlled goodness once in a while. After all, when you were growing up as a kid in a less privileged home, remote controlled toys were out of the family budget, and since you are already a working man at this point in your life, you might as well splurge a little bit on yourself with the $39.99 R/C Micro Copter. Just because it is a Micro Copter, this does not mean that it is no big on fun! The R/C Micro Copter measures a mere 3” in length, operating on the IR 3 radio band, sporting three channel control, and it could prove to be an annoyance to your cat or dog.

Of course, since a cat does seem to have greater vertical achieving capability than a dog (read: jumping ability), you might want to be careful lest your pet cat tears into the R/C Micro Copter with vigor, thinking that it is doing you a favor by catching its prey. You will need to stock up on rechargeable batteries if you are going to spend plenty of time with the R/C Micro Copter in the long run though, considering how it runs on half a dozen AA batteries.

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