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Remember your first game system? Atari was mine. On my one hour bus ride home after school the excitement would build. As soon as I walked in the door I b-lined for the TV. Aaaaah. It was a treat to be able to play games at home. But these days it is a treat to play games anywhere. I’m beginning to believe people log more game time on their phones than in their homes some days.

Since gaming has gone so mobile PowerA – builders of video game accessories – devised a full featured way to play on your phone.  The MOGA Mobile Gaming System, $49.99 at Amazon, puts a natural feeling Bluetooth controller in your hands. Built for Android 2.3+ phones, MOGA can easily hold the largest phone on the market by just snapping it in. Controls include dual analog sticks, 4 action buttons, shoulder triggers and start/select. Rubberized grips make it easy to hold and you will get 18 hours of play with 2 AAA batteries. PowerA also realized the opportunity and forged relationships with most major game makers to make the mobile experience more like the home experience.  Over 40 games are currently “MOGA enhanced” to give more precision and control. All games are accessible via their Pivot app, available for free at Google Play. With innovations like MOGA it appears that the mobile gaming experience will continue to evolve. Who knows, maybe someday the experience will rival home gaming.

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