Doctor Who Vortex Manipulator


Fans of the Doctor Who series will definitely be familiar with Captain Jack’s favorite tool, where the $29.99 Doctor Who Vortex Manipulator has now been made available to the masses without breaking the bank – and it sure as heck looks like the real deal, considering how it comes in an incredibly detailed design, while looking like aged leather to boot. Sporting a 9.5″ strap, that particular strap is replaceable assuming you have big wrists like the Incredible Hulk, so do not fret if it happens to snap while in use.

Assuming you are going to dress up as Captain Jack in a cosplay ensemble during an upcoming fancy dress party this coming holiday season, you would definitely not be able to leave home without the Doctor Who Vortex Manipulator in tow. It will light up whenever you press the control buttons, and rest assured, it looks awesome on your wrist. This replica sports a blue LED that lights up whenever you press the buttons, and as an added bonus, there is also a mini sonic screwdriver thrown in for good measure.

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