Hold On To Your Phone in These Cities…


The good folks at Protect Your Bubble – gadget insurers – continue to comb through industry information to learn more about how and where we manage to misplace our portable electronic devices.  Their latest press release quotes a study by Lookout, creator of an app to help locate lost smartphones. Lookout found that Philadelphia experiences more losses per capita. Congratulations City of Brotherly Love, hold on to your phones. Keep an eye out in all these cities…

1.     Philadelphia
2.     Seattle
3.     Oakland
4.     Long Beach
5.     Newark
6.     Detroit
7.     Cleveland
8.     Baltimore
9.     New York
10.  Boston

Where do people lose their smartphones? Lookout published that too: fast food restaurants, drugstores, grocery stores, coffee shops and office buildings. So watch out for your phone at the office in Oakland, CVS in Cleveland or any of these other popular locations of loss.

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