Shirt Shuttle MK2


So much for the war cry, “Cease and desist!” but rather, with the £34.99 Shirt Shuttle MK2, you will be able to see creases desist – for good. Frequent travelers, especially business people who tend to pack in those working shirts that look best when pressed or ironed, will definitely find the Shirt Shuttle MK2 to be worth every single shilling that they forked out for. After all, you have put in your fair share of effort in ironing your clothes, so why waste all of the hard work by placing the crisp shirt into your suitcase, only to have it doomed?

With the Shirt Shuttle MK2, all you need to do is fold your shirt, and attach it to the Shirt Shuttle MK2 for a crease-free journey right up ahead. There are soft rounded edges to support your shirt, and you need not apply too much pressure to a particular spot, and your shirt will be more than ready to hang upon your arrival. As long as you follow the easy folding instructions carefully, you will be able to look extremely stylish when you step out of your hotel room, ready for the night’s pleasantries. The board itself fits inside the travel case in a jiffy, while pads ensure that the shirt remains in place. There is a recessed carrying handle, and the entire shebang is waterproof and secure – what more can you ask for?

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