Pinhead is one dock that does not raise hell


When you talk about Pinhead, most of the time, my mind would just drift back to the Hellraiser series where he is the de facto leader of the Cenobites. However, what Firebox has in store for you here is a whole lot less scary, and definitely far more fun. This £14.99 Pinhead that we are talking about is a dock that comes in the form of a stand-up guy. All you need to do with Pinhead is to hook up your current 30-pin cable to the rear of the Pinhead, and your device will, in a literal sense, be able to stand on its own two feet proudly.

The moment you are plugged into Pinhead, your iPhone or iPod will be able to stand on your desk or workspace with a renewed sense of pride, while juicing it up simultaneously. If you are on the market for an Apple accessory that is slightly different from the rest, then Pinhead sounds as though it hits the nail on the, er, head. It is compatible with the iPod touch and Nano, as well as iPhone – not the iPhone 5 though as there is no Lightning connector here.

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