Distance Calculating Talking Golf Caddy


Golfing widows, here is another device that you might just want to prevent your husband from knowing or reading about it – the $179.95 Distance Calculating Talking Golf Caddy. The name of it says it all – this is a palm-sized GPS unit which will be able to spill out words that inform you just how far you are away from the green so that you can draw from your venerable expertise and experience to select the right kind of club, and make that money shot. Of course, one would tend to think that if you already have the kind of experience that other golfers are envious of, then you would not need a talking electronic caddy, do you?

One of the main advantages of the Distance Calculating Talking Golf Caddy is this though – it is smart enough to recognize the kind of golf course you are on automatically, thanks to its rather venerable pre-loaded database of 35,000 courses worldwide. A single press of the button on the Distance Calculating Talking Golf Caddy will see it announce the exact distance you are to the front, back, or center of the green in a clear female voice, with an accuracy of within nine feet thereabouts. Not only that, you will be able to check out the data that is displayed on its monochrome LCD display, speaking in one of eight languages. Not only that, there is no need for any expensive subscription fees after purchase, where you can also download up to another 5,000 additional golf courses from the manufacturer’s web site.

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