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AViiQ™ makes great gadget accessories. From cases to devices to charging tools, their objective is to keep things clean, durable and good looking. Mobile professionals certainly appreciate their clean look. Yet mobile professionals need to charge multiple devices, often times at once: smartphone, tablet, tunes, e-reader, camera, GPS. The USB chargeable devices go on and on. No one on the go wants to be that person with cables and cords hanging everywhere. You frequently see them in airports, they hoard any outlets they find with belongings strewn everywhere. Don’t let yourself become one of them!

Previously AViiQ produced the stylish, USB Portable Charging Station. Then they added cable management. After listening to Portable Charging Station users they have gone to the next level and added a portable, rechargeable battery. Meet the Portable Charging Station with Battery Pack, $169.99 at Included in the leather sleeve are 4 USB chargers with Cable Rack cable management system, detachable 15W wall charger and 5200mAH lithium polymer battery pack. Now you can charge wherever. The station is just 11” long too, easily fitting into a computer bag, rollerboard or in your hand. So wherever you may work or be, take your Portable Charging Station with Battery Pack along and rest assured you will never have to be the cable frenzied outlet hoarder.

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