Nikko Angry Birds Infrared Control iRacer


Just how far do you think that the Angry Birds franchise is able to go? Some folks figured out that they still have plenty of mileage left, and if you are part of that particular group, you can always check out the £21.99 Nikko Angry Birds Infrared Control iRacer. At least this is not an app that will help you kill time while waiting for the train or bus, but rather, it helps you bond with your kid or friends as you cozy down at home.

The Nikko Angry Birds Infrared Control iRacer are more than ready to wreak a path of destruction, being “real life” versions of its digital counterparts. Built to last and cut across the air, the bird can be catapulted thanks to the slingshot-remote which also doubles up as the charger. Once you have sent the Angry Bird “flying”, you are able to control it by using the slingshot remote. There is some work to be done before you are able to enjoy a “real life” game of Angry Birds, as you will need to cut out the green pigs artwork from the giftbox beforehand, piling them up with other collapsible things. Make sure you have a ready supply of AA batteries to keep this game going.

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