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I went to the eye doctor last week. Same old story, they fade a little more each time I go. Sigh. I suppose typing by the light of my screen does not help the situation. Yet we are stubborn. It will take more than an eye doctor appointment to change my computer habits. So instead I will buy more accessories to help me see!

The appropriately named Keys U See keyboard, $39.95 at FirstSTREET Online, fits perfectly into my scheme of continuing to degrade my eyesight! A standard keyboard – 104 keys including 10 key, function keys and hot keys – has been reworked by FirstSTREET. Keys are actually yellow and all letters, numbers and symbols enlarged. How big? As big as the key will allow. So yes, you can actually see where you are on the board! Keys U See connects via USB like any other keyboard. The device is designed to work with PC. There is limited Mac functionality for OS 9.0 or newer (letters and numbers work, no hot keys though). Yes, Keys U See was created for and is geared more to people with visual impairments like macular degeneration. But seriously, aren’t most of us driving ourselves there by working by the light of the monitor? Give your eyes a break! Get keys you can see.

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