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With the push to be more eco-friendly or even just to stay in shape, more and more of us are biking. Whether going to work, home or fun there appear to be more bikes on the road every year. Yet our thirst for technology, tunes or telephone when we bike also seems to grow.

Satechi, a company we have written about quite a few times in the past, make some quality protection and accessories for phones and pads plus Bluetooth, computer and camera accessories. Their Bikemate Slim 3 provides a perfect, easy-to-install pouch for a variety of devices. How many? Try iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, BlackBerry Torch, HTC EVO, HTC Inspire 4G, HTC Sensation, Droid X, Droid Incredible, Droid 2, Droid 3, Samsung EPIC, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III. Whew.  And most of those phones can fit in the pouch with their protective case on. The Bikemate is designed for touch screen operation through the see through protective cover. Easily access inputs and cables from either end of the case. And installation is a cinch. Put the coupling around handle bar neck, adjust the zip tie and you are in business. Mount your gadget vertically or horizontally too. Note that the materials used to construct Bikemate are water proof, but the device itself is not. So it will protect you long enough to stop and put your phone away before the torrential downpour. The Bikemate Slim 3, just $24.99, is shipping from Satechi’s website.  So if you believe in pedal power, secure your smartphone before you go.

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